Nimet Maden manufactures the complete range of zinc die casting alloys

As a dynamic and innovative company, Nimet Maden has become a symbol of trust, quality and dynamism in casting industry.
Our objective is to provide an excellent customer service to our partner.

Zamak 5

Zamak 5 higher copper content than Zamak 3, which results in higher strength.
Zamak 5 castings are recommended, When a measure of tensile performance is needed.

Zamak 3

Zamak 3

Zamak 3 is the most widely used zinc alloy. Excellent balance of desirable physical and mechanical properties. Excellent finishing characteristics for plating. Low hardness and impact resistance

zamak for spin casting rubber

Zamak 0

Zamak 0 ( Centrifugal Zamak ) formulated by Nimet Maden for spin casting.
More Fluid
More Smoothness


zamak buttons

Zamak (Zinc) Buttons

Zamak are the most commonly used metal buttons in the fashion industry.
Nimet Maden has a wide selection of finishes to serve to any kind of need of its clients

zamak parts

Zamak Components

Zamak components are manufactured to a high standard
We produce zinc die cast components with our hot chamber die casting machines

aluminum parts

Aluminum Components

Aluminum components are manufactured to a high standard
We produce aluminum die cast components with our cold chamber die casting machines

Jewelry Molding Rubber

Jewelry Molding Rubber

Satek Jewelry Molding Rubbers make quality molds that are tough and strong
Satek offer quality Jewelry Molding Rubber at the most competitive prices..

Jewelry Molding Rubber

Jewelry Molding Rubber

Jewelry Mold Rubber For Lost Wax Casting
Strong enough to make complex mold. Less polishing of your castings. Mold cutting is much easier

Spin Casting Rubber

Spin Casting Rubber

Spin Casting Rubber For Centrifugal Zamak Casting. Satek rubber mold centrifugal Spin-Casting System provides high levels of strength, close tolerances and excellent reproduction of detail.

Why Choose Us For Zinc Alloys ?

Induction Melting Systems

We don’t use scrap material

We produce zamak from high quality SHG and HG zinc ingot

Competitive prices and quality

Zamak Chemical Composition Comparison

Our metal price depends to LME

The London Metal Exchange is the world centre for industrial metals trading. The prices discovered on our three trading platforms are used as the global reference price and both the metal and investment communities use the LME to transfer or take on risk, 24 hours a day